Media predict that Microsoft could buy Netflix in 2023


Edition Reuters predicts the next big acquisition Microsoft could become Netflix in 2023. The question is sorted out by a few factors. Both companies have close ties already. First, Microsoft was an advertising partner for the new Netflix subscription service. Second, President of Microsoft, Brad Smith, joins Netflix’s board of directors. Reuters also speaks of the desire of Microsoft to offer streaming services across their devices.

Netflix’s own company is full of plans for the video game industry. The company acquired Spry Fox Studios (Alphabear, Triple Town and Road Not Taken), which became Netflix’s sixth in-house studio. With a merger with Microsoft, there is no doubt that a streaming company can benefit.

Recall that while Microsoft is officially aiming only for one major purchase Activision Blizzard. The merger, valued at 68,7 billion dollars, will close in June 2023.

Unlike Microsoft, the FTC is attempting to block the deal between Activision and Activision Blizzard through the courts. Sony is also the principal leader in the merger. Sony is afraid of losing Call of Duty.

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