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Media: STALKER 2 should not be released in this state

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The demo didn’t only impression fans.

Gamescom guests can play a 15-minute video game of the game “STALKER 2” with the stars of the dancers, the first time that the video game has been shown to the public. The demo has journalists and fans who can play it.

The fan reaction to the demonstration of STALKER 2 has mixed feelings. Some members of the GSC booth liked the game and others criticised its technical condition. And a similar story happened to the journalists of major newspapers.

The editors of the German magazine GameStar have written a detailed analysis of the demo version of STALKER 2, noting that the game can’t be released in this country. According to journalists, the STALKER 2 demo has many questions.

A very good example is, at the beginning of the demonstration, that person meets Richter. He is a very strong character. She’s wearing a strange outfit at the meeting.

Natalie Sherman


The Gamescom builds start to show technical problems at that point.

After a story dialogue, writes a GameStar correspondent, Richter is continuing his business. The scene seems to be a squint about the existence of the protagonist.

Another problem with STALKER 2 demo is shooting. Firstly, while the weapon isn’t good-looking, it isn’t easy to hit opponents; secondly, when the ball is firing, it sometimes lags.

Natalie Sherman


Shooting turns into a test that isn’t pleasant.

The best survival advice in the short demo is to avoid gunfights, either by being stealthy or by keeping the bandit camps in the top three. The direct collision was too dangerous.

This publication also complains about the respawn system. The player will load not far from the armed line. But the opponents will always act with the same style at the first meeting.

Finally, the demo of STALKER 2 regularly uses purely gfreolf bugs – like low-quality non-working kits and corpses – that can’t be searched.

An interesting point is that one of the mutants, first encountered by journalists in an early era, decided not to attack, but to flee from the player and then from the bandits. According to the developer, it’s normal mutants that have different behaviours.

Another complaint seems to be the almost completely unsuitable lack of story content in the demo. The demo ends immediately after the player starts getting to the village, where you should cover the blowout. Apparently, the only quest in the demo is related to the protection of another stalker from pseudo-dogs.

Of the pluses, journalists are not impressed with the image and the atmosphere. If it does not sound like a demo, then the game, according to GameStar, must be improved.

Natalie Sherman


Unfortunately, a not-visible fragment was chosen for the demonstration. We did not realize the real quest until we finished it. We arrived in the village where we had the demo finished.

As I went to the village, we noticed some details that made us happy, especially a brief explanation. In the first meeting, STALKER 2 sounds like a real STALKER. The inventory is half the same, the sound and the soundtrack create an atmosphere.

Anomalies are put in place, combat resembles the first games, and so on. Until you have the game, it shouldn’t certainly be in the game.

Phil Savage presents an alternative opinion from Gamer. The journalist doesn’t mention any technical problems, complains about the shooting system, and notes he failed the mission with pseudo-dogs, accidentally shooting a quest giver. The journalist presumably liked the graphics.

Phil Savage

PC Gamer

STALKER 2 looks great, but isn’t utilitarian as such a post-apokalypse. Gray and bleak atmosphere, concrete boxes of buildings. But the alien flaming glow of the ejecta implies it is using the unreal engine to the maximum extent.

STALKER 2 is planned to be released either in the end of 2023 or in the first quarter of 2024.

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