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Meet Lapis in Fire Emblem Engage in Fire Emblem

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Nintendo released more information on Lapis, a new character from the upcoming strategy game Fire Emblem Engage. Lapis is a royal soldier from Brodia and is the prince’s keeper. Though she might look meek, she’s a complete opposite, as she had to learn to hunt enough to survive.

Myrmidon is the first soldiers to join Lapiss in class. Using rapid movements, she can take advantage of enemies’ attempts and counterattacks.

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Lapis is friendly and kind, but she doesn’t know how to say yes to herself in her conversations with Alear. Her esteem as commoner and basic infantry causes the loss of self-esteem. She is very afraid of accepting compliments for her performance in battle. Lapis tells Alear that showing confidence would be akin to making reservations in front of people she considers more worthy of her. Alear tells Lapis that she is too hard on herself and that other peoples strengths don’t change her own.

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Tomoyo Takayanagi voices Lapis in the Japanese version of the documentary Fire Emblem Engage. She’s best known for her roles as Kokoro Utsubo in Blue Reflection: Second Light, Mikan Hinatsuki in the Demon Girl Next Door, and Mira Konohata in love.

Fire Emblem Engage will hit the Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

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