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Meta will offer paid subscriptions to Facebook and Instagram without advertising to EU users

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The New York Times quoted several sources familiar with the company’s plans to set up a paid subscription to Facebook and Instagram in the European Union. It would be the chance for users to join a social network, giving them permission to abstain from advertising.

Image Source: Glenn Carstens-Peters/unsplash.com.

This could help Meta reduce the EU privacy standards by providing users an alternative to advertising services that rely on collected user data. However, Eurogroup will continue to offer free ad-supported apps like Facebook and Instagram. The time and the cost of the subscription fee on Meta social networks are still unknown.

After that, for nearly 20 years, the company’s core focus was on providing free social networking services to users and promoting their customers, which they wanted to reach their audiences. Nevertheless, due to the need to comply with the EU data privacy rules, the company must change its business model.

In January this year the Irish regulator fined $400 million for forcing users to accept the processing of their personal data by Instagram and Facebook as a condition of using those social networks.

And in July, the European Court of Justice ruled that Facebook wouldn’t be allowed to show personalized advertising to users in the European Union without their consent.

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