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Metacritic released a list of the 40 best games of 2022 for Nintendo Switch

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After the announcement of the most important games coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2023, the start of the new year gives the most perfect list of the best games of 2022 to the hybrid console. The well-known review aggregator Metacritic has published an interesting list for gaming experts of the 40 most recent Nintendo Switch games from the 01.01.2010 till December 31, 2022. For a winner’s ranking, a game has to receive at least seven media reviews.

Below are the top 40 Nintendo Switch titles with the metascores scored by games on the shore of Metacritic:

Collection 96/100 of the document, the complete complete collection. Persona 5 kings. the Xenobalde Chronicles 389/100; Die “Recognition”: The End of YoRHa Edition 89/100. It’s an Anniversary Celebration: Ati 5050; Neon White -88 /100; Tunic 88/100; Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course 88/100 13 stellarios: Rim 88/100; The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe 87/100; Two Point Campus 87/100; TinyKin 87/100; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge 87/100; Olli World 87/100. 86/100 last Friend; Bayonetta 86/100; Legend of Heroes: The Ways from Zero 80/100; . Beacon Pines 85/100; Shovelsabers, N.C.P. 115/100; Easy Golf 85/100; Monster Hunter: Count up (85/100) with the starfisher. Take the ferry back to the island of Monkey on October 85/100; Kirby and the Terra Perduta 85/100; Toss: Born to the highest of 85; Mk vs. MkH: Card Fighters Clash 84/100; AI: The Somnium Files: NirvanA Initiative- 84/100; Infernax 84/100; Retro Bowl 84/100; No one is saving the world 83/100; Yomawari: A 63/100 pass on in the dark; Sojourno 3 83/100; Wayward-strand 83; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Cowabunga Collection 83/100; There are two 83/100 people in the house; Watch of Lodoss War: Outlit in Wonder Labyrinth 83/100; The Citizen Sleeper 83/100; Pokemon delveteri: Arceus 83/100; Triangle Strategy 83/100; No mans in the world 83/100;

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