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Metro GameCentral Video Game Awards are Best of 2022

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Horizon Forbidden West isn’t the best game, but it got the best graphics (pic: Sony)

GameCentral awards two of its best games, the best in graphic design, and the best in the last eight years.

2022 has been an outstanding year for video games that many would have expected – and a top 20 have seen a lot of great games across a wide range of genres. There are always those who are left out or which only excel in one particular area, and so we also like giving out those mini-awards, to recognise more of the years best football games.

To be well, for best of all the years it was the hardest award, but we’re struggling with those issues: the best visuals, best soundtracks, and best storytelling. There were at least a dozen contestants in each category, and that’s a positive sign.

For now, it’s what we’re thinking, but for now it’s what we think.

Best Visuals

Winner: The Horizon Forbidden West: Winner:

As we often try to say it, good graphics aren’t necessarily a sign of a good game. Many bad games appear to be awful, and many bad games are awful. It has been like that since the dawn of gaming. A better idea than your best part of a game, isn’t it?

There are still very few games that only work on next generation consoles, and some of them are released by Sony. Of course this does not include Horizon Forbidden West, which also launched on PlayStation 4. Which makes me wonder what developer Guerrilla Games will be capable of when they are released from the latest shackles.

The reason for a category winner against Horizon Forbidden West is the fact that its not just a technically impressive game, but also a fine art design, especially in its various robot animals. Their design makes even the most absurd concepts (robot kangaroos) a mere example of a plausible concept, and the design has its own uniqueity to it.

The last player is to rolldrome.

Best Innovation

This is a winning season.

That’s the gimmick with the Playdate, a bizarre portable console with a black and white screen and 24 exclusive games created by highly successful indie developers. Unfortunately, many failed successfully, but the fact that people actually decided to pursue such a peculiar idea, to inspire new ideas that otherwise would never have happened, is incredibly admirable.

The Playdate seems to be huge success but was surprised that the second season of downloadable games hasn’t yet been announced. Perhaps their next plan is making hardware thats even weirder, just to see what kind of gameplay innovation it can inspire.

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Nintendo hasn’t yet got it yet.

Model of the year for the year.

Winner: Nintendo Switch.

Although most years there are usually one device that stands out above the rest in 2022, it was more notable how much Microsoft and PlayStation didn’t push themselves into the spotlight. Microsoft and Sony announced almost nothing new, and did not actively support the idea of showing off their games before they released. Plus important, its release schedules became less important as the year passed, with only one major Christmas release and only Microsoft has none.

Nintendo has been quite open all year, announcing several games more in advance than most like these, and having a busy year with great events: Kirby and The Forgotten Land, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the record-breaking Splatoon 3 and two great third party games in Bayonetta 3 and Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope. There are questions about how much life the Switch has in it, but the technological world can become more dependable and the quality of the games is always improving.

The winner is the PC.

Remake the year recommendation.

Winner: Atari 50: The anniversary celebration.

We never include new titles and remasters in the Top 20 of the Year, to ensure new titles get a chance to shine. Even though previously full remakes of all sorts of new games now became much popular and a multi-dimensional array of exciting new releases is going to happen. I’m in the middle of the 2023 or 2023, depending on whether Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic or Advance Wars will have their final success.

The remaster compilation Atari 50 was awarded in 2022, though there were surprisingly few notes, so instead we gave this years award to the best of the company with an outstanding remaster compilation (not included any notable Atari game ever made), but it is an interactive retrospective of the whole company and a gold standard for retro compilations to be presented in the future.

After: The devil: Reborn.

Best Music

Winner: The series Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is no longer shown.

With veteran composer Yasunori Mitsuda, who has been inducted into the role of the 1995s Chrono Trigger, Monolith Softs could have achieved the best soundtrack in a Xenoblade game or an online game. Other famous musicians such as Tom or Tom are the three-player heroes.

From the sad lyrics of the dead, to the invigorating guitars of the chain attack and the overwhelming tension of the Moebius boss theme, this sound captures a wide range of emotions – with the ability to make almost every scene and moment near perfection. Its epic scale and utmost chance throwbacks, to songs from the previous games, provide a major role in this current trilogy of titles. Without mentioning that the popular obsession with flutes has made sure fans will always be in tears every time they hear one.

Elden Ring was the winner.

Best Storytelling

Winner: Unimmortality

The Last Of Us and other similar narrative-based titles, such as this years: Plague Tale: Requiem, are great games but as are they thrown up as examples of interactive storytelling. They are not interactive at all, they’re entirely linear stories, and without the control of games in between that is interactive.

The most interesting story-based games are the ones that make you be the best possible person. They consist either of branching stories or in presenting a story in such a way as a video game. You can just film The Last Of Us as a film or TV show, without changing the thing and but sifting through old footage and trying to find the starlet of Immortality’s fate, is the experience which can be easily viewed as immersive and personal as a result.

The runner-up: The Citizen Sleeper.

Worst game

Babylon is falling.

It wasn’t only Elden Ring, who was clearly known for the game of the year, but also a matter of the kind which was the worst of 2022. Babylons Fall is a nightmare, but this is just because of its developer PlatinumGames, who recently released the game that exploded in 2022 with the best action team, and took advantage of it’s popularity.

It was the problem behind the scenes we didn’t know, but what it was about the whole game is also obvious. Babylons Fall is an action role-playing project, which appeared to be trying to steal a place like Destiny 2 instead. Or at least that is the kind of way to explain the amount of repetition that’s a brainache that has a meaning.

However, there is no excuse for the tedious combat, poor painting, a terrible graphics, and a terrible level design and boring loot. The game is filled with microtransactions. So, even though Square Enix would’ve shut it down six months after the launch, then it would have been more likely.

Runner-up: Ghostwire: Tokyo.

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