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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes im Klassik-Test (GC)

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Despite the fact that the game is called the most affluent one, this one arose, and that gamers have a different opinion: getting started with continuous scans and a difficult time limit was too painful for some adventurers, particularly when the controls for first-person shooters seem to get used to. It’s more like a JumpnRun because there’s no penalty function. Instead of pointing out opponents, then you can surround them. The aliens zigzag through the arena with this advantage.

The long-awaited successor Echoes is more likely: bounty hunter Samus Aran follows the distress signal of the elusive space marines to the planet Aether. The pirates are often seen as to have their own treasures. Hence, two alien people share the planet: the friendly Luminoths and the sinister Ing. The latter claim to be Aether and start to have deadly assaults via dimension jump.

This demands revenge: without any further ado, you join the Luminoths and whoever will be with you with advice and action drive the Ings off the planets surface. In addition to the interplay of the two parts of the world, the adventure is the motto of the adventure: If you reach a bridge in the shadow world, you may also use it in the light dimension hence the subtitle “Echoes”.

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