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Microsoft 365 Insiders can try handwriting alignment in OneNote for Windows

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Let’s face facts; Many of us have bad handwriting. For those people, this means that using a stylus to take notes in the OneNote app for Windows can sometimes result in unreadable digital words. Today, Microsoft is trying to help those people with a new feature in the OneNote Windows apps available for testing by members of the Microsoft 365 Insiders program.

in a blog post, Microsoft announced that it has added handwriting alignment to the OneNote app for Windows. He states:

Handwriting alignment transforms the text in your handwritten text, making it more visually organized and coherent. It also improves the legibility of the ink in your notes without taking away from the style and personality of your handwriting, and offers a great way to quickly clean up notes before reading them back or handing them out.

Associates can open an existing notebook in an app that has digital ink or create a new notebook and then click or tap on to draw tab to start taking handwritten notes in digital ink. They can then align the words simply by tapping on a line of text. This can also be done using the Lasso Select option and then selecting Arrange choice.

This new feature has some limitations. It cannot currently be used on individual digital ink words. Nor can it be used in the app for formulas, tables, or images. Additionally, it does not work with digital highlighter or underline inks. Finally, the feature currently only works with letters written in the Latin alphabet.

Microsoft 365 Insider members in the beta channel can now try the handwriting alignment feature in OneNote on Windows version 2404 with build number 17530.20000 and later. This feature is not being added to the OneNote app for Windows 10. There’s no word on when the feature will be generally available.

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