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Microsoft 365 Insiders can try out the Python editor now included in Excel

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In September 2023, Microsoft revealed that it was launching a Python Editor add-in program for its Excel spreadsheet application on Windows. The optional and experimental plugin came from its Excel Labs division. Today, members of the Microsoft 365 Insider program in the beta channel can try out a new built-in Python editor included in the Excel app itself.

in a blog post, Microsoft says it’s also made some changes and improvements to the Python editor in Excel, including a new user interface that’s still “true to the original design.” It is now visible in the app by clicking on formulas tab. In the section of the tab where you see the Insert Python icon, there should also be a new one editor symbol. You can click it to launch the Python editor.

Microsoft added:

From the Python editor, you can see a list of all the Python cells in your spreadsheet. Each cell is treated like that of a code cell in a Jupyter notebook. Within the Python Editor panel, you can edit the cells and activate them. The output of a Python cell can be displayed natively in the Excel spreadsheet, be it plain text, numeric, or even a visualization or DataFrame.

The new Python Editor in Excel feature also includes features like Intellisense, coloring, and a function to help people code Python in Excel.

While Microsoft 365 Insider Beta users can access the Python editor in Excel, it will continue to be available as an add-in through Excel Labs for people not in the Insider program. No word on when the Python Editor feature in Excel will become generally available to all Windows users.

Meanwhile, the actual support for using Python in Excel Started rolling in June For enterprise, business, education, and family and personal users using the Windows Current Channel (Preview) under version 2406 (Build 17726.20016).

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