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Microsoft and Activision Blizzard signed a deal in Chile

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With self-criticism, Microsoft becomes effective – gradually, regulators agree with the arguments of lawyers, so they don’t even acknowledge the lack of dominance between Microsoft and Activision. The purchase won’t cause harm, therefore. Chilean officials have reached this conclusion already. Remark that Saudi Arabia and Brazil were the first to approve the $68,7 billion deal, and not so long ago Serbia joined them. However, the largest companies haven’t said their vows yet, the United Kingdom and the whole European Union. Microsoft has also to convince the US Federal Trade Commission.

Experts say Activision Blizzard and Microsoft operate the same market and are not in the same category of development, publishing and distributing video games, but differently from the games itself. The lesson of golf is to give away. Yet there’s an abundance of competitor: Electronic Arts, Take Two, Ubisoft, Epic Games, Sony, Nintendo and other companies.

Furthermore, the popularity of Call of Duty in Latin America is slightly higher than in other parts of the world, so that the possibility of ban on the release of the games on consoles without an impact on the Chilean market is large.

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