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Microsoft announces Security Copilot early access program to help test AI-based service

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In March, Microsoft first announced Security Copilot, an innovative AI service designed to help businesses and organizations with their computer security needs. Today, the company announced that it has launched an early access program to Security Copilot for enterprise users who want the first opportunity to experience this service.

in a blog postMicrosoft revealed information about Security Copilot’s performance with some of its early adopters:

Security Copilot is already helping our preview customers save up to 40 percent of their time on core security operations tasks with capabilities like writing complex queries based only on natural language questions and summarizing security events. Security Copilot can actually improve the skills of a security team, regardless of their expertise, saving them time, allowing them to find what they may have missed in the past and freeing them to focus on the most impactful projects.

Security Copilot’s generative AI features are designed to perform a number of different tasks. It can create quick summaries of security events, and it can help respond to these events directly through Microsoft 365 Defender.

Security managers can use this new Copilot service to type natural language questions about emerging cyber threats and attacks, analyze malware and search for any cyber attacks on their organization.

The company also announced that its Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence service, along with access to its API, will be available to Security Copilot customers at no additional cost. Microsoft says:

Defender Threat Intelligence is a threat intelligence desktop with deep integrations between Microsoft Security products that empower security teams with knowledge of the cyber threat landscape, including actors, tools, vulnerabilities and infrastructure.

businesses and organizations can sign up to be considered For the Microsoft Security Copilot early access program now. Currently, there is no word on when the program will become generally available nor how much it will cost when it does launch.

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