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Microsoft chief urges AI needs “real clarity” to prevent “sci-fi movie scenarios”

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Brad Smith, president and vice chairman of Microsoft, has called for a “regulatory blueprint” to ensure that artificial intelligence (AI) remains under human control. Speaking at the B20 Summit India 2023, he stressed the need for “real clarity” on the goals and principles of AI regulation.

He said people want reassurance that this new technology will not go rogue, having seen “too many science fiction movies that have gone the other way.” According to Smith, AI is becoming an indispensable technology and requires transparency through standards set by stakeholders across all segments.

Brad believes that a regulatory blueprint should establish principles that are applied at multiple levels. Implementation will require AI users to know their customers, how AI is used, and the content it creates.

They have seen too many science fiction movies that turned out the other way. And as we are creating what feels like part of science fiction, we need companies and regulators to focus on that.

It means that there is a real focus on knowing what cloud it is being deployed, and focus on knowing the content that is being created and especially if it is being created by AI.

Microsoft also released its own white paper after the summit, proposing a regulatory blueprint for AI. It includes requiring companies to know how their customers use AI, create national and global standards, and apply regulations at different layers such as application, model, cloud, and data center.

The Microsoft executive called for standards within the private sector and national and global policy frameworks. “We’re going to have to figure out how they connect,” he said of coordination across those levels.

Smith’s comments come amid increased scrutiny of AI technology and its implications. In July, Microsoft, Google and other companies met with President Biden to discuss the responsible development of AI.

Over the past few months, Microsoft has integrated AI into many of its products. That includes its Bing Chat AI, and its Copilot features that are coming to both Microsoft 365 and Windows 11, among other products.

Source: Times of India (paywalled)


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