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Microsoft claims that the safety of Xbox players has improved in its latest transparency report

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Microsoft has released reports on how it monitors the safety of its Xbox players online every six months for the past year and a half. This week, the company released the fourth such report, claiming it has seen improvements in Xbox gamer safety through the use of new tools and reporting features.

B Post on Xbox Wire, Microsoft says its voice reporting feature it launched in July 2023 has seen positive results. This feature allows Xbox players to record and send what they believe to be other players using in-game language that violates Microsoft’s Community Standards for Xbox. The blog post reads:

Since its launch, 138,000 voice recordings have been captured using our ‘Capture Now, Report Later’ system. When these reports led to an enforcement strike, 98% of the players showed improvement in their behavior and were not subsequently enforced.

In August 2023, the company launched a new Enforcement Strike system for Xbox players. This system penalizes the player if he violates the Xbox Code of Conduct. Multiple alerts can lead to a temporary suspension of online access or even a permanent suspension of your Xbox account.

This week, Microsoft stated that the Enforcement Strike system is also effective for the safety of Xbox players:

Since its launch, 88% of those who have received an enforcement strike have not engaged in an activity that violated our community standards to receive additional enforcement. We have also reduced the total suspension period for minor offenses. Of enforcements that previously would have resulted in a suspension of 3 days or more, 44% received a reduced length. The combination of these results shows that most players choose to improve their behavior after only one suspension, even if it is a short one.

Microsoft has also made progress in trying to prevent fake Xbox accounts from being used online. The company says its practices resulted in “millions of inauthentic accounts being used once they were created.”

Microsoft says this has resulted in a huge reduction in enforcement of fake accounts. In the company’s latest Xbox transparency report in November 2023, it stated that the enforcement of these accounts reached 16.3 million. However, for this week’s report, enforcement dropped to 7.3 million.

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