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Microsoft Edge 116 Stable released with Edge for Business and more

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Microsoft has released the 116 stable edition of its Edge web browser. The release notes for the new version include two major new features: the introduction of Microsoft Edge for Business, and the ability to attach the Edge sidebar to the Windows desktop.

Just a reminder: the new Edge for Business is not a new version of the browser itself, but a new mode in the current Edge version for business users with enterprise-level security. Employees who sign into their Entra ID account will be automatically logged into Edge for Business.

Here is the changelog for Microsoft Edge 116 Stable:

Version 116.0.1938.54: August 21, 2023

Fixed various bugs and performance issues.

Stable channel security updates are listed here.

Feature update

  • Microsoft Edge for Business. With native enterprise grade security, productivity, manageability, and AI built in, Edge for Business enables organizations to maximize productivity and security, and offers the ability to create separation between work and personal browsing with automatic switching between the lightly managed personal browser window (MSA profile) and the work browser window (Microsoft Entra ID). All users signing in with their Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) will automatically receive Edge for Business and see an updated Edge icon with a briefcase to designate they’re in the work browser window. For more information, read our FAQ.
  • Option to attach the Edge sidebar to the Windows desktop. Users of the Microsoft Edge sidebar will be able to access their apps and sites directly from their Windows 10 desktop. As an opt-in experience in Windows 10, users can attach the sidebar to their Windows desktop by clicking a “popout” icon near the base of the sidebar in the browser. This enables a side-by-side experience that works with any Windows app — including Microsoft Edge itself. Users enjoy streamlined access to the same set of powerful AI tools and web-based services, including Bing Chat, without launching a browser window, enhancing productivity regardless of where they are in Windows. Additional features and options are planned in future versions of Microsoft Edge. Administrators can control the availability of this feature using the StandaloneHubsSidebarEnabled policy.

Policy updates

New policies

Obsoleted policy

The latest security updates for Microsoft Edge 116 include all of the updates for the Chromium Project. It also includes two specific security updates just for Edge 116: CVE-2023-38158, which has a Low severity rating, and CVE-2023-36787, which has a moderate severity rating.

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