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Microsoft Edge for Business, ‘the new work experience,’ is now available

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In May 2023, during its annual developer conference, Microsoft unveiled Edge for Business, the new dedicated work experience for its browser. Just a couple of months after the initial announcement, Microsoft Edge for Business is now available across platforms, including Android and iOS.

Microsoft Edge for Business introduces a special automated switching mechanism that lets you keep your personal and work data within one browser (with separate caches and storage locations), thus reducing the organization’s surface area for cyberattacks and making the experience more convenient for the user. In other words, Edge can automatically switch to your work profile when opening certain websites while keeping all your personal data away from corporate sync.

With native enterprise grade security, productivity, manageability, and AI built in, Edge for Business is the next step in our journey to deliver the best browser for business. Edge for Business is an evolution of Microsoft Edge, created to enable organizations to maximize productivity and security, and designed to create separation between work and personal browsing.

In addition to covering managed devices, Microsoft Edge for Business works with personal machines (currently in preview) and mobile. Starting today, the experience is available for all users signing in with their Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) without extra downloads or settings. Edge will use a modified icon with a briefcase to indicate work browser windows, as seen in the screenshot below.

A screenshot of Microsfot Edge for Business icon next to the regular Edge on Windows 11s taskbar

As for IT admins, Microsoft says they remain in full control over browser policies, settings, and configurations—they will automatically transition to Microsoft Edge for Business.

Microsoft says developers are busy working on new features and improvements for Edge for Business. Upcoming updates will bring bi-directional mode switching (from work to personal) and “look and feel enhancements,” including support for organizational branding.

You can learn more about Microsoft Edge for Business on the official FAQ page.

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