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Microsoft Edge gets a new split-screen layout

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A few months ago, Microsoft introduced the split-screen feature for Edge, which allows users to view two websites side-by-side in a single browser window. Split screen is available to all users of the stable channel, and you can activate it with a dedicated button on the toolbar or by pressing Ctrl + Shift + 2. Soon, the feature will receive a much-needed improvement in the form of a new vertical array.

As noticed by User X (formerly Twitter)., the latest Canary build lets you choose one of two layouts: horizontal with side-by-side web pages and vertical with stacked tabs. You can also switch between them on the fly by pressing the three-dot button and resize them by dragging a divider.

Screenshot of Edge Split Screen with vertical layout

In addition to a new layout, Microsoft is working on further improving the quality of life for split screen. The “More options” menu will soon offer two options: opening links in the secondary or current tab. To help users better understand the concept, there will be additional graphics explaining the behavior of each option.

Here are some tips and tricks that Microsoft offers to help you make the best use of split screen:

Fast navigation of sites using drag and drop

Drag a link from your left screen to your right screen to quickly open, compare or switch sites in split screen. Drag and drop is also available when Open link in current tab is selected.

Adjust your screen size

Resize your split screens with the screen slider. Swipe left or right until you reach the desired size.

Split your screen, not your attention

Multitask by experimenting with different split-screen tasks to achieve your goals – compare prices across popular shopping sites or open a thesaurus while you write an essay. The combination pairs are endless!

If you want to try the updated split-screen feature in Microsoft Edge Canary, go to Official Edge Insider website. Note that preview builds are often unstable and prone to crashing, so the best way to test early new features is to run Canary alongside the stable release of your favorite browser (including Microsoft Edge).

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