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Microsoft Edge may soon be able to convert inking via pen to text

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Microsoft is working on new features for its Edge web browser, one of which will allow users to seamlessly convert their scribbles into text.

The upcoming feature was unearthed by Leopeva64 and will use Microsoft’s handwriting-to-text system to convert your handwritten text into digital sentences. The feature will be an extension to Microsoft’s current efforts to make inking an operating system-wide feature.

Just a couple of months back, Microsoft announced that the upcoming Windows 11 update will let users scribble text into any text box within the operating system. However, the feature was not available on Microsoft Edge but looks like the company is now gearing up to test it out now on Edge as well.

The Handwriting to Text feature is currently hidden behind a flag in Microsoft Edge Canary and needs to be enabled for it to be available for users.

Allows inking via pen to be converted into typed text on most text input fields in Microsoft Edge. This is available on devices where handwriting is supported. To check whether Handwriting to Text is enabled on your device, look for “Use your handwriting to enter text” in Windows Settings. – Windows

It is currently not clear when the feature will be available to the public. However, if you like to live on the edge (no pun intended), then you can download the latest Canary Build from Microsoft’s website to try it out for yourself.

However, that’s not all. According to various other flags in Edge Canary, the company may be planning to be adopting the FedCM (Federated Credential Management) as well. In case you don’t know, FedCM provides additional security and privacy to users when they are browsing the internet.

The Federated Credential Management API (FedCM) provides a use-case-specific abstraction for federated identity flows on the web, by exposing a browser mediated dialog that allows users to choose accounts from IdPs to login to websites.

FedCM is a multi-step journey to make identity on the web better, and in its first step we are focused on reducing the impact of third-party cookie phase-out on federated identity .

Again, it is not clear when the company is planning to announce the feature to the broader audience. However, as of now, it may be a while before everyone can try out the new Edge features for themselves on the stable version of Microsoft Edge.


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