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Microsoft Excel adds new Power BI Connected Tables and more during August

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It’s been a very busy last few weeks for fans of Microsoft’s Excel spreadsheet app. We’ve already reported that in the month of August, Microsoft 365 Insiders could check out the new Python code support. It also added monospaced font support for the Excel formula bar and a way to see and get rid of stale cells in manual calculation mode.

However, that’s not all Microsoft added to Excel for Windows during the last month. In a new blog post, the company goes over some other new additions to the app. One of them is a new Insert Table option for Excel’s Power BI Datasets pane. Microsoft states:

It enables users to create a connected table directly in Excel. This streamlines the workflow of adding data and is friendlier to more Excel users.

You can learn more about this feature on the Power BI blog.

Microsoft has also added some options for Excel’s “Save As/Discard” dialog. When it comes up, you can now see info on when you made your last saved changes, and also if someone else has made any changes to your spreadsheet.

The app also mentions the new button on the Home page, where you can find and download new add-ins for Excel apps, which we also reported on earlier in August.

Finally, while this was added back in July, the Excel app, along with other Office apps, has a new “Simplified Sharing experience” that should make it easier and faster to share content with others. The last two features are also available for Excel on the web.

These are just the new updates that were added to Excel over the past few weeks. The app also added support for adding pictures to cells for Microsoft 365 Insiders in July. Also, game developer CCP Games worked with Microsoft to add an add-in for Excel that’s been made to keep track of their stats in the MMO EVE Online.

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