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Microsoft fixes another security vulnerability exploited by Chromium in the latest Edge update

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Just days after patching another set of security holes in its browser, Microsoft released another update with the same goal. This time, version 124.0.2478.105 addresses one Chromium vulnerability. Since it has been reported as being exploited in the wild (which means that bad actors are already using it to harm users), you should update your copy of Microsoft Edge as soon as possible. here are the details:

Version 124.0.2478.105: May 14, 2024

This stable channel update (and extended stable channel) contains a fix for CVE-2024-4761, which was reported by the Chromium team as having an exploit in the wild. For more information, see the Security Update Guide.

as per God CVE site, CVE-2024-4761 is a high-severity V8 vulnerability in Chromium that allowed a remote attacker to perform an out-of-bounds memory write via a specially crafted HTML page. The vulnerability affects browser versions prior to 124.0.6367.207. Google is keeping the details of CVE-2024-4761 under wraps until more users download and install the necessary patches.

Like other modern browsers, Microsoft Edge automatically updates itself in the background. However, you can force install the latest update by navigating to Menu > Help & Feedback > About Microsoft Edge or edge://settings/help. Chrome also received the same security update, so you can get it even if you prefer Google’s browser over Microsoft’s.

You can also check out this article and this article to learn more about the latest Microsoft Edge security updates and the fixed vulnerabilities (both Chromium-related and exclusive to Microsoft Edge).

In other Edge news, Microsoft has just updated its official documentation to mention that Edge 126, due next month, ends support for computers powered by processors without the SSE3 instruction set. But don’t panic – you need a Very old The PC will be affected by the change since SSE3 appeared two decades ago.

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