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Microsoft Forms is getting a new design and features for live presentations and quizzes

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Microsoft Forms is part of the Microsoft 365 family of productivity services and enables businesses and education customers to create quizzes and surveys for their customers and employees. In July, Microsoft announced that PowerPoint users can create real-time polls and quizzes using Microsoft Forms.

Today the company announced that it has made several improvements to its live presentation features in Microsoft Forms. in a blog postHe showed off a new design that will hopefully offer a better view of the content users can put into their forms in real time.

Microsoft stated:

When you switch to “Present” mode, you’ll find that you have more free space to display your questions and display more content. Plus, you can include images without worrying about any cropping or cropping, ensuring your options are fully displayed.

Another new feature of Realtime Forms is the treemap format. This is different from the typical bar view for checking answers to questions. Instead of lines on the screen, the treemap format uses squares and rectangles that display additional information about the answers and also change shape based on the percentage of answers received. Users can quickly switch between treemap and bar formats with a quick click of the mouse.

For users creating open-text questions, Forms has an additional format addition:

Once you’ve collected a sufficient number of responses to your open-text questions, you can seamlessly switch between viewing a word cloud highlighting key terms or digging into the detailed answers for deeper analysis.

Other new Live Forms features include the ability to hide the QR code once you’ve received enough answers, and a way to switch to full-screen mode by clicking the top-right corner icon.

Microsoft says these new forms features will be available to Microsoft 365 Education customers first, but will roll out to all users by the end of September.

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