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Microsoft has quietly introduced a Windows 11 keyboard shortcut to LinkedIn

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Microsoft’s support site has a page that goes into great detail Keyboard shortcuts features in Windows 11. They include several recently added shortcuts. One of them is for Windows Copilot’s generative artificial intelligence assistant. Just press the Windows key and C to launch Copilot.

However, Microsoft seems to have quietly introduced a number of other keyboard shortcuts in Windows 11 that aren’t listed on its support page. This includes one that is just plain weird. As posted by User X (formerly Twitter) Rudeism (Through PC gamer), the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Win+L” will send you to the LinkedIn website.

Furthermore, this keyboard shortcut works in your default web browser, not just Microsoft’s Edge browser. No word on why Microsoft decided to put this weird little Easter egg in its Windows 11 hotkeys.

There are other similar shortcuts in the operating system to launch Microsoft productivity apps as well. This includes using “Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Win+T” to launch Microsoft Teams. You can also launch the Microsoft 365 versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint by pressing “Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Win+W”, “Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Win+X” and “Ctrl+Shift+Alt +Win +P”, respectively. Another similar Windows 11 shortcut, “Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Win+O”, launches the Outlook app.

Again, there’s no word on who’s responsible for adding these keyboard combinations in Windows 11, and we’ll likely never know.

Some of the official keyboard shortcuts that Microsoft has published on its support page as additions to Windows 11 include opening widgets with the Windows key + W, opening the snap layouts with the Windows key + Z and switching the microphone to mute in apps that support muting a conversation by using the Windows key + Alt + K . This last shortcut is exclusive to Windows 11 22H2.

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