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Microsoft introduces redesigned PowerToys Run launcher with Windows 11-like visuals

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Microsoft has released a preview of the redesigned PowerToys Run launcher for Windows 10 and 11. The proposed version includes a significantly redesigned user interface with visuals that match the design language of Windows 11 and new features

You can use PowerToys Run to launch apps, find files, perform calculations, surf the web, navigate the registry, and much more. It’s a great utility and a must-have replacement for Windows 11’s missing built-in search. The default launch shortcut is Alt + Spacebar, but you can reassign it to any other available key combination.

With the upcoming update, PowerToys Run will offer a better look with acrylic backgrounds, reworked plugin icons and improved fonts. Also, the launcher will provide an overview of all active plugins when the search box is empty.

Here’s the revamped PowerToys Run in action:

A GIF showing the redesigned PowerToys Run launcher

There is no word on when Microsoft plans to release the redesigned PowerToys Run launcher. However, the wait shouldn’t be too long. You can find more information about the update on GitHub.

PowerToys is available for free From its official GitHub repository. You can also get the app From the Microsoft Store or using winget on compatible Windows 10 and 11 versions.

As you may recall, Microsoft recently updated PowerToys with a new tool that lets you trim any running app to a smaller window. This quirky utility has joined the already vast list of useful utilities, making Windows 10 and 11 easier to use and more capable. If you’re looking for other must-have Windows apps, check out our article listing 11 great programs for Windows 11 and another one providing ten more apps to fix Windows 11’s woes.

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