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Microsoft is launching an Xbox fall 2023 campaign with a new ad featuring Hellblade II

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Officially, the holiday shopping season doesn’t start for more than a month, but Microsoft is wasting no time in launching its big fall/holiday marketing campaign for its Xbox gaming console.

Xbox wire points out that the new campaign has the title “Power Your Dreams”. Microsoft has already published a new message Three minute live action commercial to launch the campaign. It will be shown during the NFL Thursday Night Football game on Amazon Prime Video later tonight and will be shown around the world during the holiday season.

The ad itself is called Wake Up and Dream, and it features a young gamer who dreams of going to video game worlds like those in Starfield, Forza Motorsport, and even a third-party game, Cyberpunk 2077.

The most interesting world the main character enters is from a game that won’t actually be released this year. The gamer imagines that she is in a world of The Saga of Sanoa: Hellblade II From developer Ninja Theory. This game won’t be released until sometime in 2024.

Josh Munsey, director of Microsoft’s Xbox integrated marketing team, offered some behind-the-scenes details on the Wake Up and Dream ad on his X (formerly Twitter) account. For example, when the young gamer sees Sanoa in that part of the clip, Munsey says that the character is played by the actor who voices and does her motion picture work Hellblade IIMelina Jurgen.

Munsey also determines that the ad’s cinematographer is Matti Liebetik, who has a ton of feature film credits including, but not limited to, iron Man 1 and 2, venomand the closest maestro.

Finally, some people speculated that the order of numbers pressed on the elevator buttons in the ad was some sort of Easter egg puzzle, but Munsee quickly denied this. Oh well.

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