Microsoft is releasing a new Xbox update with a “last parties” feature and various fixes


Microsoft let go A new preview of the Xbox Ring Alpha update that contains a variety of fixes but most importantly, a new feature, the ability to jump back to the last party in two clicks. The version number of this update is 2302.230104-2200 and becomes a mandatory update starting at 3 AM PT on January 7th.

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In this update, a subset of users will now see “Recent Parties” under the “Start a Party” button in the “Parties & Chats” tab while others will have to click the “Parties” button in the “Parties & Chats” tab and then select from a list of last parties. By placing the feature elsewhere, Microsoft is likely testing how users interact with it. The feature is designed so that you can quickly return to playing games with gamers you have played with before. You can also invite these contacts to new parties quickly.

The fixes implemented in this update are as follows:

Thanks to the hard work of Xbox engineers, we’re happy to announce that the following fixes have been implemented for this build:


  • Fixed an issue where the steering force feedback could stop working unexpectedly.


  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip for “Settings” would remain visible after navigating away.

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  • Various updates to properly reflect local languages ​​across the console.
    • Note: Users participating in the preview may see “strange” text on the console surface, for more information go to Here.

As for the known problems, they are detailed below:

We understand that some issues were detailed in the previous Xbox Insider release notes. These items are not ignored, but it will take more time for Xbox engineers It’s time to find a solution.


  • We have received reports of users experiencing intermittent issues with dashboard audio, games and apps.
    • Note: If you experience problems with audio, send feedback via Report a problem immediately with the option “Replicate with advanced diagnostics” and include the following details:

      • When did the problem start? After console update, reboot, continue, etc.
      • Did you lose audio only in game/app or system audio?
      • Does changing the audio format solve the problem? If so, what was the format before and after?
      • Does rebooting fix the problem?
      • What does your setup look like? Equipment, layout, etc.
      • and any additional information you can provide to reproduce the problem.


  • We have received several reports of users’ controllers randomly losing sync or disconnecting from the console. If you experience this behavior, be sure to report this issue after reconnecting.


  • We have received several reports that HDMI-CEC is not working properly.
    • Note: Make sure your TV supports HDMI-CEC and is also enabled before submitting feedback.

My games and apps

Titles in the collection may incorrectly appear with a “trial” tag.


  • Some users have reported that the console is displayed at the wrong resolution at startup. We are aware and investigating.
    • Note: If you encounter this behavior, please make sure you send feedback via Report a Problem immediately. Please include the brand/model of your TV/monitor in the description.
    • workaround: Restarting the console via the power menu (holding the Xbox button brings up the power menu) should resolve the behavior. If not, make sure you look at the troubleshooting HereEspecially the section on making sure your TV firmware is up to date.

The Alpha Ring is one of the highest rings that Xbox Insiders can reach and requires users to send a lot of feedback to Microsoft. The Alpha Ring is also invite-only, so new people can only join when invites go out.


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