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Microsoft is releasing Minecraft for a big sale on all platforms as the game celebrates its 15th birthday

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minecraft, One of the most popular modern games, celebrates its 15th birthday. In May 2009, the first public version was released, allowing early adopters to try the blocked game and its endless possibilities. To celebrate the occasion, Mojang is there Minecraft On sale, allowing everyone to add the game to their libraries with discounts of up to 70%.

Today, in 2024, Minecraft is a great thing that is available on almost every modern platform. Also, gamers can try two spin-offs: Minecraft dungeons and Minecraft legends. Like the main game, they are available with a big 50% discount on supported platforms, which include Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Steam. The base game is also available on Linux, Android and iOS.

By the way, you can get Minecraft For your iPhone or Android device with an even bigger discount. Currently, the game is available for just $1.99 (the exact price may vary depending on your Google Play or App Store region).

Mojang launched Special page for the 15th anniversary where you can learn more about the history of minecraft, Get a bunch of free stuff, like skins and wallpapers, and even play Minecraft Classic in your browser. The original version only has 32 blocks to build with, plus all the original bugs and “the interface only a mother could love”. If you want to party like it’s 2009, contact the official Minecraft website and click “Play Minecraft Classic” at the bottom of the page.

Time flies when you place blocks. For 15 years we’ve built marvels and dodged spawners with a short fuse, laid beds on the Dragon Under and ventured far and wide in search of new blocks. For every year spent mining and crafting, our community grows and becomes more diverse. We’ve accumulated at least a full stack of memories so far, so here’s a memory piece!

if you don’t have Minecraft Still in your library and want to try what the legendary block game has to offer, to check of Minecraft Website. The game is also available for PC and Xbox Game Pass.

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