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Microsoft is working to fix current issues with the Xbox Store and Cloud Gaming

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If you have an Xbox console and are currently having trouble finding and buying games on the Xbox Store, you’re not alone. This is also true if you tried to launch games through Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service this morning.

God The official Xbox status page Currently showing breaks for “Stores and Subscriptions”, with the specific messages “You may not see a game you’re looking for in the store right now”, “You may not see all games available on Game Pass right now, or some may be missing details” and “You may not be able to buy games You own it now.”

The “Cloud Gaming and Remote Play” section of the status page now displays this message. “You may experience a problem starting cloud games or unexpectedly disconnect from a game after it starts.”

These outages were first reported at 3:42 a.m. ET this morning, according to Xbox’s status page. At 6:26 a.m. ET, the Microsoft Support X (formerly Twitter) account posted a message saying they were investigating the issues. The post did not specify what might have caused these outages.

At the time of writing, Xbox’s status page indicates that the issues with the Xbox Store and Cloud Gaming have been identified, but there’s no word on when they might be resolved. We’ll update this story when these Xbox outages are resolved.

These issues come a day after a code update broke Microsoft’s Bing Chat chatbot for several users around the world.

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