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Microsoft Paint app adds centered canvas support for Canary and Dev Windows Insider channels

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Microsoft has just issued a small update to its Paint app for Windows 11. Microsoft of the Windows Insider program in the Dev and Canary channels can download the new version, which includes adding support for centered canvas.

In a blog post, Microsoft added this new Paint Inside update also includes some small UI optimizations in the toolbar. Other than that, there’s nothing else mentioned in the post.

This is just the latest update in the popular art creation app for Windows 11. Earlier this year, Insiders were the first to get the much-requested dark mode for the Paint app. It also added some new options for the app’s zoom function, along with a way to create a custom zoom and a new “Fit to window” option.

Earlier this week, both of those new Paint features started rolling out to non-Windows Insider members. The update may still take a few more days to reach all Windows 10 and 11 users.

Meanwhile, the new centered canvas feature will likely be a big hit with artists who simply want to keep everything they are working on in the center of the app and display.

Earlier in 2023, Microsoft updated Paint to include a new Image Properties dialog. That feature lets users see certain file attributes such as the image resolution and more. It also included ways to change an image’s color mode, size, and units. The early 2023 Paint update added Windows 11-like radio buttons to Paint, along with input boxes, improvements in its fonts, and more.

Overall, it’s great that Microsoft is still continuing to update its Windows 10/11 Paint app even with small improvements like today’s new release. Hopefully non Windows Insiders will be able to get the centered canvas and UI tweaks in the Paint app in the very near future.

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