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Microsoft reveals three future Bethesda games are Xbox exclusive

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Microsoft confirms that three Xbox and PC titles from the publisher are already being built after acquiring Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax in 2021.

Xbox predicts three future ZeniMax titles REDACTED All of which are designed to be played primarily by individual or group members will be exclusive to Xbox and PCs, a passage that’s reported to the FTC that their Activision Blizzard deal is not applicable to its Activision Blizzard deal (via The Verge).

Microsoft responded to the FTC case citing the Activision acquisition. Microsoft admitted that Xbox anticipates three future [Bethesda] titles will be exclusive to Xbox and PCs these will be mainly single player games pic.twitter.com/HWzLBbtdfT.

Tom Warren, (@tomwarren) October 23, 2022.

Two of the three titles are probably the Bethesdas Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI.Alongside Starfield, Bethesda also delayed the release of Redfall to give it more polish to the title.

It was originally planned for March 2022 to release Starfield, then Redfall dropped in October 2022. The two tiles are scheduled to be released in 2023 and now are scheduled to roll in the first half of 2023. So as far as we know it is, the third quarter of the match might be Redfall.

In another article, the Federal Trade Comission (FTC) officially filed a suit for Microsoft to stop the acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Via: The Verge


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