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Microsoft says High on Life is the 2022’s biggest Game Pass launch

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The third party video game is the biggest ever to start a Pass.

I noticed how high on life started before launch, despite my experience with the Game Pass charts (both on PC and console) to a very slow start. But today, Microsoft confirms my inkling: the game is a real success on GamePass.

The Squanch Games release apparently made for the biggest game of the Twenty22 Xbox game, the biggest game of all time, and the biggest game of the services history that was a single player-only game. Where does Microsoft actually get those stats? The clock times are the number of hours spent in the first five days after release. Microsoft uses the phrase millions of players in the now-debted email to Destructoid and in the Xbox Wire blog, to describe the user base of playing.

As far as I know, in my review, High on Lifemight become the most ideal game of any time ever. This game is particularly good because of its value of 60 dollars. It is a slapstick that you may be pissed if you spent $60 on it, but on the lark as an extra on Game Pass, great to dive into without context when patches roll out for it.

It’s not as hard as it is. Just because High on Life focuses on Roilands subjective sense of humor, it doesn’t really take a whole day off. While many jokes are famous or even fatal, the 90s adventure feel feels good, a mixture of Easter eggs, meta-references, and anything else. It was nice to see Squanch games getting a win.

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