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Microsoft SQL Server 2022 preview mode is avaiable for RHEL 9 and Ubuntu 22.04

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Microsoft announced today that its database management system SQL Server 2022 is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 9 and Ubuntu 22.04.

The blog post stated this new support was only available in preview mode, and only with the Evaluation edition. That version lasts for 180 days, and its countdown clock has already started on July 27.

The blog post stated:

In your Dev/Test environments, you may now take advantage of the most recent SQL Server 2022 improvements on both RHEL 9 and Ubuntu 22.04. Currently, production workloads on RHEL 9 and Ubuntu 22.04 are not supported by the SQL Server 2022 preview packages. You can run the production workloads for SQL Server 2022 on RHEL 8 and Ubuntu 22.04 and they are fully supported.

Microsoft added that server admins now have the option of running SQL Server 2022 “as a confined application when you have the SELinux enabled and in enforcing mode” by installing the new “mssql-server-selinux” package.

Admins who want to install SQL Server 2022 as an unconfined application will not need to get the new package and can use the previous “mssql-server” package

Admins can also get the new packages for RHEL 9 and Ubuntu 22.04 as container images. Those users can learn more by going to Microsoft’s support page for RHEL 9 and Ubuntu 22.04.

You can also learn how to best get started with SQL Server 2022 with Ubuntu 22.04 on Microsoft’s Learn site. There’s no word yet on when Microsoft’s latest SQL Server will be available in full general availability mode for these two Linux kernel-based services.

Microsoft first released SQL Server 2022 in a preview edition back in November 2021. It was later made available to more users in 2022. You can find the current release notes for the latest version on the Microsoft website.

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