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Microsoft unveils Microsoft 365 Copilot plug-in programs, with more information at the Ignite conference

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Microsoft 365 Copilot officially launches on November 1st for enterprise customers. The generative AI assistant for Microsoft’s productivity apps will gain more skills by using third-party plugins, offering many new features for businesses and corporate workers.

in a blog post, Microsoft stated that businesses create these plugins with tools like Teams messaging extensions, Power Platform connectors, and Microsoft Graph connectors. One business that has created an add-on for Microsoft 365 Copilot is travel company Amadeus. Microsoft stated:

Amadeus’ Cytric Easy plugin for Microsoft 365 Copilot can help organizations and their employees plan, book and share travel in natural language. The Cytric Easy add-on can create itineraries just from a contextual discussion – for example, an email sent from a colleague – and help the traveler verify and book a matching trip without leaving the Microsoft environment.

Microsoft claims that plugins like Amadeus’ will mean that users spend less time switching between different apps, leading to increased productivity.

Jira, a software development and management tool, is also working on plugins to help users perform actions faster while working on a project. Also, the Mural project management tool created a plugin so users can collaborate, share and retrieve Mural boards via chat.

One of the largest US banks, Wells Fargo, created a Windows 365 Copilot add-on that will help its employees and customers:

Using the plugin for Copilot, business and technology stakeholders at Wells Fargo can use natural language to ask about system health and diagnostics, targeted to specific services, including relevant experts and troubleshooting tools. These stakeholders will be able to proactively monitor, manage and resolve issues in real-time, assuring customers of continuous service availability.

Plugin developers can sign up for Microsoft 365 Developer Technology Adoption Program (TAP) To prepare for the launch of Microsoft 365 Copilot. It includes features like product roadmaps, sharing feedback with other developers, and more. Microsoft will share more information about its plans for Microsoft 365 Copilot during its Ignite conference on November 14-17.

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