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Microsoft will separate teams from office suites on the European market

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In response to concerns from European regulators and competition complaints such as Slack, Microsoft will offer its Teams videoconferencing app in accordance with the EU and Swiss markets. This move came as a result of the launch last month of a formal investigation by the European Commission.

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The complaint from Slack was submitted to the European Commission in July 2020. Slack alleged Microsoft illegally linked Teams to Office, installing it automatically for many users, but also blocking its removal and concealing the real cost to the enterprise customers.

We’re making changes that we hope to help to address current issues, said Nanna-Louise Linde, vice president of European public policy at Microsoft. These changes will affect the business package in the European Economic Area and Switzerland. A unified platform, open to all the customers in the European Union, will be able to buy Microsoft 365 subscriptions at an attractive price or buy teams separately for 5 months or 60 years.

We will only touch new customers. Unlike Team, current users may continue to use their packages or choose a new subscription. Microsoft will continue offering Teams as part of a package package for small businesses. Microsoft plans to improve technical documentation to make sure that Zoom and Slack developers can use its products better with Microsoft 365 and Office 365.

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