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Microsoft’s biggest flop is Bob (PCGH-Retro, January 6)

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January 6th 2023 at 12:00 by Then Schroder Unlike his predecessor, “Boy” happened on January 6th. PC Games Hardware thinks that every day this computer is very unique.

For many people, even the user interface of a Windows computer is still too complicated for the current version of Windows 3.1, by example, isn’t very intuitive to use. To give inexperienced users the ability to use computers, Microsoft is working on a new system named Utopia with the help of several next generation products. One of the best Utopia products is Bob, an extension for Windows 3.1 and the forthcoming Windows 95, presented by Bill Gates on January 6, 1995 at the CES. Bob turns the screen into a virtual house that users use to customize to their liking; The program is created with the mouse. The checkbook on the living room table starts the administration, the calendar on the wall. In Bob, eight applications such as the clock, word processing, but there is an even more integrated program. Graphic assistants that help and advice are also available at every step.

But Bob flops. The system requirements are a lot too high, the complex graphical user interface reacts liarly to commands. Nonetheless, the 8 included programs will suffice for nearly everyone, but if you use your own applications such as Microsoft or Netscape Navigator, you don’t need anyone, either. That means, they are started with Bob and run slower than directly under Windows. Final, Windows 95, with its modernized graphical user interface, simplifies many things without restricting the user so much and without being distracted by assistants like Bob. Only around 3000 copies of Bob have been sold since its release in March 1995, with Bob being discontinued a few months later. A portion of the program is still on: some assistants are found in Office 97, and the dog Rover makes it into Windows XP search dialog. You can get in the picture of Bob in winhistory.

additional information Windows 1.0 The history of the operating system isn’t new.

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