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Microsoft’s GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps is now generally available

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Microsoft today announced that GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps is now generally available. The new security features were First announced in October 2022. It will now allow developers to access features like secret scanning, dependency scanning, and CodeQL code scanning capabilities in their Azure DevOps environment.

B Today’s blog post In announcing the general availability of GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps, Microsoft stated that it had received feedback from developers in the past months since the public preview launch. One change was simply that there would be no special registration for services. Microsoft stated:

Any Azure DevOps Project Collection Administrator (PCA) can now enable advanced security protections for their organizations/projects/repositories through the Azure DevOps configuration settings.

Microsoft is also going to make it easier for developers to enable all repos in a given project:

To make this process easier for you, you can now choose to enable advanced security at the organization or project level, as well as at the individual repo level, and you can also choose to have advanced security automatically enabled for any future repositories you and your teams create.

The new GA version will offer a better way to see all advanced security alerts:

Advanced Security now integrates with Microsoft Defender for Cloud (MDC) to let you view all alerts for all your repositories across all your organizations—both Azure DevOps and GitHub—all in one pane of glass in MDC.

While this feature will be free to access, Microsoft says that developers who sign up for the paid version will also get “some amazing capabilities for the context of Code to the Cloud.”

Finally, Microsoft will hold Webinar demo and Q&A on October 6 For developers who have additional questions.


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