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Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Studio 2 is for AI and content creators

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Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Studio 2 is an update to its dynamic, unique predecessor, with an Intel Core chip, and a dedicated AI processor, too.

Microsoft updated three of its Surface Laptops with new components at its fall event on Thursday. The Surface Laptop Studio 2, the Surface Laptop Go 3, and the Surface Laptop Go 4 are available for Business at its fall event. Microsoft announced a Surface Hub 3 for businesses, too.

While neither of the hardware updates are hugely valuable, the circumstances surrounding the event are unknown. For one, the voice of the Surface brand,Panos Panay announced he’d leave Microsoft this week, just days before Microsoft’s Surface launch. And none of the new Surfaces will include Xtreme and Atom, but Intel’s latest processor, but also an AI graphical feature that Microsoft will leverage with Windows 11 23H2 and beyond.

The Surface Laptop Studio 2 is expected to cost $1,999 to $3,699. It is available with preorder until October 3.

Microsoft plans to release its new Surface hardware, in conjunction with the latest Windows 11 update, called 23H2.

Surface Computer Studio 2: What’s new?

Michael Crider/IDG.

In hardware, the existingSurface Laptop Studio is among Microsoft’s best. The Surface Notebooks lineup has nevercomecheap with its Editors Choice award. The display with an incredible display (14.4-inch PixelSense Flow, 24001600,120Hz) is still available in the Surface Studio 2; and Microsoft still maintains the excellent speakers that made the Laptop Studio a memorable multimedia experience.

What’s new? Insiders. Surface Laptop Studio 2 uses three nifty new processors in the pipeline, namely the new 3D printer, which are designed for the first time. (Dada for commercial purposes).

This is the case in the Surface Laptop Studio 2. The NIVidia GeForce RTX 4050 (64GB), 64GB GDDR6, and the GeForce RTX 4060 (58GB) dual-frame GPUs have been embedded in the low-end of the RTX 4-series lineup, but could become greatly useful for content creators. Oddly, there’s also a RTX 2000 option on the Surface Laptop Studio 2, too.

What really interesting is that Microsoft has also called out the AI chip in Surface 2 too. It’s a LG Gen 3 Movidius 3700V VPU AI Accelerator, most likely the same as the Samsung Galaxy Book 3 and the Surface Pro 9. It was the first time we saw that called out by name, and this used to help speed down the new AI and have deep insight into Windows 11.

Michael Crider/IDG.

Microsoft has also pumped up the memory and storage configurations, too. While 16GB of RAM is common, 32GB is not, but a new 64GB option pushes me towards the workstation. There is a jump in LPDDR5, too. Video editors will happy to see that there are 512, 1TB, and even 2TB options.

Though the chassis remains virtually unchanged, there are two smaller tweaks: the USB-A port and the MicroSD card slot. While those long-standing I/O gaps could be sorted out with an AUSB-C hub, these ports are just convenient. A pair of Thunderbolt 4 ports are now for faster expansion toThunderbolt docks. There is still a port for the Surface Connect port. If no, an external switch ringing or a horizontal turnout is needed.

Only Windows 11 is offered; windows 10 or Windows 11 Pro option is scarce, so the Surface Laptop Studio 2 concentrates heavily on content creation is an unusual choice.


Surface Laptop Studio 2 specs.

  • Display:14.4-inch PixelSense Flow Touch Display (24001600 (201 PPI), 120Hz) 500-650nits (Maderial Display), 500-650nits, 16″ by 34″, 23rd, 241 600, 212 (216).
  • Processor:intel-heels core H35 i7-137, or Core i7-137,heels core H35 i7-137 and itles core i7-136,heels.
  • Graphics:Nvidia GeForce RTX 4050/4060 or RTX 2000 or Iris Xe
  • Memory: 16GB/32GB/64 LPDDR5X (32GB of RAM test)
  • 512GB, 1 TB, 2TB SSD (both removed and tested) (1 TB as testing)
  • One USB-C (Thunderbolt 4/5), One Surface Connect, USB-A, MicroSDXC, 3,5mm headphone jack.
  • Camera:User-facing: 1080p with Windows Studio Effects.
  • Battery: 19 hours (Iris Xe) to 16 hours (2 TB models)
  • Wireless: 802.11 ax (Wi-Fi 6, 5, 5.1 Bluetooth).
  • Windows 11: Windows XP.
  • Dimensions (inches): 12,7 x 9,1 x 0,86in.
  • Weight: 4,18 pounds to 4,37 pounds.
  • Color:Platinum
  • Price: from 299 dollars to 3 620 dollars.


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