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Minecraft Legends update 1.10 for August 31 brings a Short List of fixed items for that day’s release

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Minecraft Legends is updated by the current version 1/10 (PS5 version 1.010) on all platforms now 31 August. This adds some fixes to the game. Please keep this brief in the official patch notes for Minecraft Legends version 1.17.53059.

Minecraft Legends Update 1.10 Patch Notes | Minecraft Legends Update 1.010 Patch Notes:


  • There were many crashes that could happen during a game.
  • The key to the game update was the missing German character dialogue and subtitles.
  • Fixed several issues that caused players to switch their games from multiplayer games.
  • After losing an offline game, a crash occurred on Steam when signing into a Microsoft account via the Marketplace.
  • The issue has been fixed after defeating the second piglin outpost in campaign, the issue could have caused an old objective and empty map to appear.
  • Fixed in-game invitation prompts that don’t respond to the mouse’s input.
  • Fixed an issue with the ability to make a game invitation from Xbox Games when it was in a respawning state.
  • Fixed players not able to join a friends lobby if they had previously cancelled their game.

Note: We received the biggest update for August for Minecraft Legends which featured a ton of improvements a few weeks ago. I can read more about it here.

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