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Minecraft’s latest update adds crawling, new dying screen and more

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Minecraft has arrived and though it isn’t one of the big landmarks, it still has quite a large amount of fresh content. There are a few big features that can be accessed from the main point of the event that crawling is now an all-new feature rather than an existing glitch.

With the 1.20.30 update, you can crawl anywhere with ease and do that without the help of a trapdoor. Since crawling was a weird start, it has added to its stability and reliability, now that it’s a official game feature.

Your dying experience will always look a little different now that this update has introduced a new dying screen. When you have death or a lurking creeper in a ravine, the camera will zoom out and tell more about the situation.

From time to time, irrespective of your appearance, you can find the exact reason you died with a greater view. Your hotbar is always visible on the screen and you can change some settings before we turn back down.

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The recipe system has undergone a refresh, two previous experimental features are now fully functional additions. You can switch the unlocking on and off as desired, and searching a specific recipe is now a much better option with an updated search system designed to work well for beginners and advanced players.

Even though these major changes add up, there are still a lot of smaller ones like wandering traders now selling cherry saplings so you can grow your own cherry blossom grove biome, a fix that changes the block break time in order to comply with what it was intended to be, and officially allows Pillager Outposts to spawn in cherry blossom grove biomes.

The new version of 1.20.30 has two new experimental features you can turn on to test out. With this feature, the librarians can choose what books they sell for sale on the basis of the biome they live in. You should work hard to be the best-for-all-time customer, rather than by randomly assigning the project to randomly. The other experimental feature of the exploding traders is the fact that prices are lower than ever; they also sell many new items, have many more items available for purchase, and can buy some some items from you too.

There are many different changes, and many bugs are already listed in the official article entitled the new update. So you can read about them or you can get a pass of the game to test them yourself. This version is not currently live for Minecraft, but it will soon be updated for Java.

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