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Mini introduced the electric hatchback Cooper, the fifth generation, with a minimalist design

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The mini-coach today unveiled the new mini-coach. The new Cooper was developed as a semi-electric car with the original design and styling of the classic Mini. The electric car is a bit longer and more substantial than the gasoline equivalent.

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This isn’t the first electric mini, with the Countryman PHEV hybrid launched in 2018 and the Mini Cooper in 2020 with 180km. But these models were simply modernizations existing combustion engine cars. The first step in the design of the electric device was to build the new electric car cooper from scratch and thus allow the engineers to perform the best possible electrophoresis, while maintaining a sign-design.

Various designers have designed the new electric car in a technical minimalist aesthetic, bringing attention to modern design features that have become traditional in over over 60 years. The Coopers exterior doesn’t like to wear chrome anymore, and the headlights and the grille have been simplified to a basic geometric shape. The LEDs have been custom-designed now, and the traditional version of the game is available in Form of the Union Jack.

The new Cooper interior retains the basic interior of the original 1960s Mini. The instrument panel is a high-tech version of the large and central speedometer and a machine switch cluster. The new Mini9 OS infotainment system features a circular OLED screen with a modern twist, and provides an audio-visualized interface with a 3G digital assistant.

Electric hatchbacks are available in two configurations: Cooper E and Cooper SE, which differ in powertrains.

The Mini Cooper E is equipped with a 1225 kW electric engine with a high voltage cpu battery with capacity of 40,7 kWh. Acceleration to 100 km/h takes 7.3 seconds. The range, according to the WLTP test cycle, is 305 km.

The electric motor of the more dynamic Cooper SE generates 160 kW (218 hp), with a maximum torque of 243 Nm. The Cooper SE accelerates to 100 km/h in just 6 seconds. The 54,2kWh battery provides a range of up to 402 km on the WLTP test cycle.

As far as the track is, mini engineers believe that the new Cooper is the best option for drivers in the go-kart. This should be aided by the low calamity thanks to an underfloor battery pack, reinforced anti-roll bars and larger wheels and tires.

The new Cooper Electric hatchbacks can be charged either indoors or in the garage over overnight using an on-board 11kW charger. At a fast charging station, the Cooper E can receive up to 75 kW DC, and the SE can accept up to 95 kW. The owner will charge a petrol vehicle at 10 to 80 minutes.

The fifth generation mini-couldine debuted on Friday alongside the new mini-countryman, which is all-electric after its reincarnation, and the new mini-couldine debuted on Friday. They should be joined by a production version of the Mini Aceman electric concept in April 2024. This is the last step for the mini-brand to reach its goal of becoming an electric automaker by 2030.

Pricing, availability, localized features and assortment information will be announced later.

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