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Mirrored Souls is a tale of two years, on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC

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Mirrored Souls is available for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC.

Ravi and Daru have separate universes, connected only by strange celestial threads. It’s your responsibility to guide them toward their goals. Ultimately, you control the Mirrored Souls on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC.

Symmetry is a key issue.

Mirrored Souls are an enjoyable puzzle experience. As a single player coop title by the developer The Bricks Studio, all the inputs you make will control both Ravi and Daru simultaneously.

The catch is that both environments have different environments, and platforms have different reach. Switches and much more will be introduced.

In the main inspiration of Mirrored Souls, there are the visuals of Studio Ghibli and GRIS, the mind-bending gameplay of Braid and the chilling vibe of the iconic Journey.

Key Features

  • Conjure both Ravi and Daru, and in an mirrored world, in a quest to reunite them. Pay attention to their movements, as they mirror each other, but in separate worlds.
  • Imagine the unique art of slurmous souls, inspired by Studio Ghiblis and re-imagined by the film film or games such as Gris or Journey.
  • The flood-throwing portals help Ravi and Daru reunite. That large majority of levels have been designed relaxed so players can reflect not only on the new level, but on the main plot, too, so you can relax in your own way, so that players can continue to enjoy that same theme as the next level, without worrying about the short time run.
  • I imagine a philosophical story about the dilemma between life and love.

Now available!

Mirrored Souls are available on Xbox One, PS5, Xbox One, and Switch. If you bought a copy on Xbox via the Xbox Store it’ll cost 12.49.

Check here soon for our full review of Mirrored Souls on Xbox.

Game Description

Mirrored Souls is a puzzle platformer that tells the story of Ravi and Daru, two extremely different celestial beings connected to each other but separated in a mirror universe. Following a thoughtful conclusion, you will manage both characters simultaneously and solve puzzles that explore the possibility of the mirrored mechanics in fun and challenging ways. Discover well illustrated scenarios that complement characters’ duality, and increase your cognitive skills and spatial vision, when you cross portals to connect them.


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