Mobile Gaming for 2023 trends and forecasts, & predictions for mobile gaming for 2023


Mobile gaming has enjoyed exponential growth in the past few years. According to, 60 per cent of the gaming market is dominated by mobile gambling. The market share if mobile gaming is relatively new. It’s predicted 2023 will bring mobile gaming to a new height. Below is some of my predictions for mobile gaming in 2023.

1. More ports

The new mobile chipsets are very powerful, they’re capable of running high-end games. Hence giving games developers an opportunity to open up their creations into this progressive market. We saw a lot of ports this year. Take the Apex Legends mobile as a game example, which would be similar to the original game. Moreover, there were many games announcements in 2022, ranging from Call of Duty Mobile to Rainbow Six Mobile, and Valorant Mobile.

2. Without high competition, only the best people will survive.

There are also numerous mobile games going out every other day. We only have some survivors. As soon as developers enter, there will be competition from the big companies. Since then, indie developers and especially poor-quality games will find it hard to survive.

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3. More open-world RPG games.

Genshin had a great success. The game looks so amazing on mobile and thus has given developers the trust to introduce their RPG titles to mobile. It seems that 2023 is the year of RPG games.

4. The battle royale games continue to dominate the market.

Battle royale is a perfect blend of action and survival. Through a multi-player approach, the battle royale game has continued to grow in 2022. It seems like it’ll continue in 2023.

5. Playing platforms by means of cross-platform technology.

We saw a lot of developers launching their games on PC, console and mobile simulators. They also offered a cross-platform progression system which was a huge plus.

That being said, it’s only a beginning; mobile gaming is going to boom in the coming years. Always keep on keeping up with latest mobile and console news.


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