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Modern Warfare 2 Players are Roasting Ghost’s Design

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The Call of Duty franchise, although founded on FPS and with limited character development as well as the 17-year-old’s facial hair, has some unique characters. There’s Alex Mason who knows how to forget numbers and have a Russian dude in his head; Captain Price, for his indestructible hat and the glorious chops; Soap for the weirdest call signal and OP skills and scold of his neck; and Shepherd for teaching us to never trust anybody ever.


The nature and cool skull mask make a lot of fun for the character. Unfortunately, the rest of Task Force 141 remained mostly the same in the recent Modern Warfare 2 era, the man who wore a mask has been reworked. In order to get Ghost cooler, the designers removed the skull-printed balaclava with a literal freaking skull faceplate swung onto a tactical cape.

I’m concerned that Ghost and Soap are Totally Boyfriends in War Wars.

It was all right on paper but it ended up making Ghost somewhat denyy at times, mainly because of the lack of her chin and her neck. Why did they design her like this? My head’s symbolism is understandable, but he’s like a fucking thumb,” said a post on the Second Modern War, where the comments seemed a little sceptical.

Why did they design her like this? I understand the symbolism behind the skull, but he appears like a feather. From Modern WarfareII.

“I mostly hate the caps they throw on every face. They seem stunned when they wake up,” said one comment, clearly annoyed with the latest military trend. “Are some of them ponchos though?” asked another, who clearly has just finished the playthrough of the Jedi: Fallen Order of Star Wars.

The helmet, which’s a chin strap which defines his face, does not look too thin and chinless like the picture above.

At some point, he seems to say that he won’t do this “SOAP” anymore. “I wish you had a tighter balaclava so that the lower part of your head is visible. The skull with no jaw makes his own jaw a strange shape sometimes. MW19 ghost seemed better imo because of that.”


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