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Monopoly Madness adds Dinosaur, Because why not?

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The Ubisoft update for Monopoly Madness is now out. They have added dinosaurs to the game for strange reason. Players can explore Dino City, which, as you may have known from the name alone, throws you in a prehistoric era, where you will play that revised version of the classic board game. Now only with several dinosaurs and cavemen running over the place. The DLC is free and now available, while free demos of some other material are available.

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Take off in the explosionous Jurassic streets and buy a property for the best selling real estate company in Dino City! Dino City brings the most frantic race for a wealth to the prehistoric era. Go for tropical buildings, beware prisons and get up with your opponents with dinosaurs and other tricks. Take a look! Raptors and T. rex are never too far away In the new Dino City DLC, a madness erupts in the jungle as players get to collect money, lava, and Bones to buy and purchase property.

“Players can open CommunityChests to discover new power-ups, stir mayhem by riding an ankylosaurus to smash onto buildings, and hurl carnivorous plants at their opponents. Money-hungry moguls enjoy the Dino City streets either offline or online with their friends in the game modes. In addition to the new arenas, Dino City introduces two new characters including the sweet Cave Kid and the adventurous Dodo. Both new exclusive hats for players to wear come in the Dino City DLC. The Monopoly Madness demo comes from today. It gives new players the chance to prowl the streets of Monopoly City. The demo players will be able to play as a single of ten playable characters (20 in the full version) and play the lesson and story mode offline as well as the local or AI player in two of the full game’s four different environments.


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