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More than the Snowy Fields in the Star Rail: how can we complete the Lynx quest?

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What has become more remote is Honkai! Star Rail is the mission of Lynxs companion, a snowfield explorer from the Landau family. A girl and her friends went on a trip outside the city where a lot of misfortunes happen: food is plentiful, the stove is burning and an awful monster attack the camp. Follow and help the youngest son at the right time.

In this guide show you how to start the mission By pursuing the Snowy Fields in XSR, where to find the geo-entity activator and food, and where to solve the puzzle with the magnetic flux connector.

How to start the quest More than the Snowy Fields in Honkai: Star Rail: A Starrailer is the mainstay of the quest?

Once you meet your specific requirements, you can unlock the mission For The Snowy Fields within HSR.

At Mastery level 32 or higher; complete companion mission. That’s a child assigned to Serval and Cheetah.

After fulfilling the above conditions, the Pioneers smartphone receives a message from a group chat with Landau, where the brother and sister will ask for help and give a chance to meet in the museums. After that, the quest More than the Snowy Fields will be considered accepted and will now appear in the search log.

Forty years beyond the snowy peaks in Honkai: Starrailing the mission: Thru the en route to the snowy field.

The younger people are worried about that she is so young that she can’t go alone to explore suburban areas. Take a look at the Lynxs hike and give him a hand to help if she need to help him.

Find Landau in the museum-wide room.

Go to Belobog Museum of Local Lore, in the City’s administrative district. Bring up the hall on the left to interact with the usher, so you’ll be in the hall. Tell her brother and sister about their thoughts.

Find Lynx from the administrative district, in the middle of the district’s Snows.

Since the last expedition, Lynx’s behavior has been crazy and I don’t know what happened. Find her in the town next to the blue car and follow her.

Together with Pela, they’ll go to the Suburban Snow Fields, and you’ll switch to a squad full of friends. From that point on, follow the story according to their perspective.

Find a suitable camper.

The map isn’t necessary in reconnaissance mode, so, the mini version in the left of the screen is best-in-class. Run east and get out of the sky, just beware of the quest symbol. Don’t forget to activate on the way to Energy anchor and keep going straight.

There is also a small group of monsters consisting of Spawns of Fire and Ice. Fight them to continue the mission.

At present you can get the Icebreaker in category Thirst for Battle. Using Pela, you can fight the frozen enemy with the ice. Landau must deliver the final blow while the Flamespawn is frozen.

A separate guide included all the hidden achievements of the Honkai Star Rail 1.3.

Once you’ve finished the battle, it can be met with the appropriate situation to discuss with your partner if it’s possible to stay here for a long day.

Build a camp.

This place is not convenient, so hurry to the new clearing. Go north and battle the team of the Shadows of Incineration and Spawn of the Flame (you can try again to earn the achievement if it didn’t work out before) or just take the stairs.

Until the end of the path, be sure to see how the sun illuminates the country.

Check out whether Pela can fix the stove.

The device was not available, please discuss with your companion how to solve this problem. Keep in mind that the tent is sturdy and on fire.

Find a new product.

If the stove is not frozen, you need to get in touch with the surroundings. Now, the game will be played on Pelas’ view. Head west to the two second locations located 50 meters from the building.

Prepare the water near the abandoned house and dig in the ruins to find Raw Cold Salmon. In this manner you can eat fish that are more than 700 years old.

Look the tree on the left and take the Mimic Snow Slug from here. They don’t taste much better when you fry them.

Turn south, get right to the south, and leave to the side of the road. Along the way, you’ll meet new monsters – which you can try to fight or abhor from.

Climb the hill and look at the binoculars covered in snow, in which some sausages will lie. Decide to leave them where they are, even if they already belong to someone.

On the way back, check the snowfall and the neighboring path; but there’ll be nothing like a rabbit, and so would the snowy fields ecosystem decide to return to its place.

Cook dinner for camp.

You won’t find the event activator, so return to tents where already somebody is digging around.

Find out what’s happening in the camp.

Take a photo of that mysterious creature that is optionally called for it, but to complete it, you can turn on R to open the camera. The lens is in a shot and it’s done.

If the space trap does not stand, you can choose optionally Defeat the Mysterious Creature option to fight the space leak. If you do anything, she’ll run away soon. This choice won’t affect the task and also the rewards.

Explore items left behind by a mysterious creature.

Come closer and examine the objects lying on the ground, which turns out to be Geoentity Activator.

The boiler is fixed on the stove.

Apply the device for replacement of the old spare parts. The riddle will open with magnetic flux connector Connect all terminals to complete the mini-test successfully.

Rotate selected modules as many times as shown in the screen. That order doesn’t matter. The chain would converge as it should be in the second picture. Video instruction:

If you’ve finished with the repair, select everything from the list and prepare a dinner from the Snowy Fields.

Eavesdrop on a conversation between two friends, after which a huge monster will scow them out and attack them.

You can’t hide space-breaking frightenings.

Trailblazer will go head-on and hold on to girls. For an easy victory, follow these tips.

The character, who’s learning how to protect from Space with Pelas skills, removes buffs and penetrates vulnerable well. Deal most of your damage with a Physical Pathfinder. By providing Lynx to the team, she can improve allies and restore health.

Trial heroes are solid enough, so there won’t be any problems. After defeating the enemy, meet Lynx, who will offer to stay and watch the northern lights together.

After you watched a short clip, you will have a turn to the city. Talk with the girls. The researcher will give Pele a floppy disk, and the company will conduct its business.

A message from the Landaus group chat will be sent directly to the Pioneers smartphone. Tell your elders that the issue was resolved and offer to meet.

Report your findings to Landau.

Visit the Nezimye Workshop on the Central Square of the Administrative District, and then look for the Serval and the Cheetah there. Tell them everything you saw on the trip. They’ll choose their younger sisters and won’t interfere with them.

Come to a museum to meet with you for a meeting.

As soon as you retire from your friends, you will receive an email from Lynx. Answer him and leave the meeting.

They will be waiting at the Belobog Museum of local Lore. Go inside to find a researcher at the front of the hall on left. Wait while Pela looks at the disk, which contains information from his missing mother.

Witness a raging scene where a girl looks into her mothers notes and learns more about the intelligence officers past.

Listen to Landaus’ talk.

Let’s go back to Nezimye workshop, and find out what three of us have together. They will thank the Pioneer for his assistance and decide to stay in a small family circle.

This will make the work easy and earn the achievement Landscapes of Snowy Fields. The Star Express has got a double tuxedo in order to make sure two characters have the ability to happen.

Achievement – Snowy Fields Landscapes in HSR.

The Landscapes of Snowy Fields for Achievements from section Our Memories Unlocks when you complete the assignment with the further help of the Snowy Fields. The achievement produces five star jades.


After you finish the quest with Lynx, you will receive the following rewards:

We hope our guide helped you complete the mission Beyond the Snowy Fields in Honkai: Star Rail, install the stove and go on the Lynx quest. Read the different guides in particular: walkthroughs or foundations.

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