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Mortal Combat 1: list of confirmed characters and cameo fighters

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UPD (07.09.2023) Added Nitara.

Mortal Kombat is a reboot of the series and has lots of classic characters. The game has introduced a new system of cameo fighters, but not all cameo fighters are full-fledged playable characters. In this updated article, the author is the author of an official announcement for the first time in the world. It will tell all of the confirmers that the fumbled combator is Mortal Kombat I, as well as those who cameo characters.

Please note: As soon as we get out of the ordinary, the material’s updated only with official information. This doesn’t include characters that have not been officially introduced and information about them appeared in rumors or leaks.

All the characters in Mortal Kombat1 have been confirmed.

Fighters from base: The game.

Ashrah Baraka Geras Johnny Cage Kenshi Kitana Kung Lao Li Mei Liu Kang Mileena Nitara Raiden Rain Reptile Sindel Scorpion Sub-Zero Smoke Tanya Havik Tsung *Shao Kahn (General Shao)

*exclusive character for orders pre-ordered.

Fighters from Pack 1 are available in spring 2024.

Quan Chi Ermac Takeda Peacemaker (from the TV series Peacemaker, from the HBO Max series, to the TV series Boys) Homelander (from the TV series The Boys, based on the actor Anthony Starrs Omni-Man (from the Image Comics Universe), The movie The Boys (from The Boys).

Among the 100 Confirmed Mortal Kombat 1 Cameo Fighters, all the Confirmed Compbat-1 Fighters were found.

Goro Darrius Jax Briggs Kano Kung Lao Motaro Cyrax Scorpion Sub-Zero Sareena Sector SektorSonya BladeStrykerShujinkoFrost.

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