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Mortal Kombat 1 (MK1) sounds stuttering or cutting out surfaces, if some noise is still causing problems

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The MK1 players report an audio bug in the game that cuts out the SFX or stutters the game between fights.

Players have gone to social media in order to express their thoughts and experiences about the issue, demanding a fix.


I am hoping to learn SFX and not just to get some more advanced technology during invasions. Before we went on the launch day on the whole story, we decided to play a game king! But now when we I turn 20 seconds on my hands, the fights and other sfx are just gone. (Source)

So the game got released and they’d patched up this but i started doing a few matches and every single time I do anything – no sound – i even only shit the drum, so the sound is back.

New reboot of the coveted fighting franchise, Mortal Kombat 1 is reported to have experienced diverse audio-related issues.

According to players (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), the games SFX and BGM often break. A report suggests that audio cues for punches and other moves are being interrupted mid-fights.

Even during fatal events and fatal moves, audio is randomly changing out. The players regret that these audio cuts make the moves, especially the finishers, uncomfortable.

There are also a lot of problems with a drop in audio quality during scenes.

If you listen to my headphones, they should be good. I’ve tried different sound settings to see if it made a difference and yeah its just sounding weird. The rest of the game, such as battles and menu, sounds normal, but the scenes that come into play are cutscenes. (Source)

More importantly, players report that audio synchronization is a bug, and thus, a delay in the release, often, comes later and often when the move happens. Apparently this issue was worsened in the wake of the latest update.

how did it fixed it?and did it make loading time slow? And sound deapness is very often done (Source).

Nevertheless, it’s not as if this is the real cause.

There are various approaches to the audiobug in MK1.

As reports accumulate, several players have suggested possible workarounds for the issue.

One player suggests that the Dolby Atmos option might be at fault and recommends turning it off until a final fix is given.

Since I never heard a bad talk, I listened to his radio for 50 minutes. So it cut out during practice, resuscitation, towering or kombat league. I couldn’t fix the sounds, but I’ve been able to improve them a lot. I have a Mood Night Cinema setup. Likewise my xbox was made for that in setting the xbox. I changed from Dolby Atmos to what was like with a standard surround sound, and that fixed 90% of the problems (Source) in the audio field.

It’s possible that standard sound settings are configured to make a controller speaker feel good. Players can check whether that’s the case or change it so that sound is all come out of the TV or the connected sound system.

So I noticed that the hit doesn’t sound out of television. The character would hit or a sword with slash but didn’t sound, I was so confused by that at first. The game is standard set so it can be used with a controller speaker to play some of the sounds. This didn’t work very well. If you go to audio settings and change it, you’ll get everything that’s sound in tv. Source:

The developer has not made any official comments on this topic yet. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as soon as possible.

Feature: Killer Kombat 1:50, 2:50.

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