Mortal Kombat II Sourcecodes Tons Of Cut Content


There seem always something new to find in many popular retro games, as was a recent reveal made about Mortal Kombat II in a recent interview. After fast three decades since the fighting game sequel was released, players have found some interesting content in the source code that suggests that game had a lot of cut content. It’s not very difficult to see the existence of this, as long as developers are familiar with the development of midway games in this time period admitted to many interviews they have added features to games that people never knew about or were disabled before they hit the arcades. The most famous feature of NBA Jam is that the Pistons play against the Chicago Bulls would be better suited for the game as well.

Credit: Midway Games

A Twitter account called Pegasus Kid has tapped into a search for the original arcade title and found a bunch of hidden gems that Mortal Kombat players might find interesting. Many of them are not used in its original development. As for the entertainment, many of the content here suggests some material that may have made the game a bit more interesting in many ways. Take a post for you here, showing an Air Acid Spit animation for Reptile, a move never used in the game and giving him an anti-air maneuver.

No 6 Only got this water. It seems to me that they considered this one considering they also thought that Sub-Zero would also have an air moved. What would they plan to do for Scorpion too, please?

Pegasus Kid (@annoyingdog322) December 27, 2022.

There’s also files for Johnny Cage fatality that is brutal, with all the characters having hidden in their head. After they have already done that, it’s clear that this was removed from the game late in development because it was so hard that it was being given to us. A cause of anxiety over the content is probably removed.

It looks like Fatality has actually been cut a bit late in development and replaced with the original MK1 Fatality these would go on top of a decapitation sprites and make the character fall like this.

Pegasus Kid (@annoyingdog322) December 28, 2022

It is an interesting thread to look at, as we can see what could have been part of Mortal Kombat II at some point.


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