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Most Fontaine chests in Genshin Impact: where can we find and how can we open the doors?

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They eat bread in the air in Fontaine, with fruit and corn. You can divide your treasures in amazing, luxurious, precious, rich, ordinary, and hidden. Hydro-region chests contain primogems for character banners, mora, the achievements of heroes, the enhancement ore for gun upgrades, the hydro seals for the Lucine fountain and the exchange of items in the souvenir shop.

In this guide, we’ll tell and show how to find and open all the letters of Fontaines. Read on to learn about the number of treasures all over it, how to reach each treasure and receive valuable rewards.

There are an impact map of Where to find all the horses in Fontaine.

A virtual map showing the fontaines location has 205 chestssome of which are hidden underground and in water zones.

In the near future, we will add the exact location of each treasure.

Amazing chests

With total on Hydro-Galate, there are 13 gorgeous chests every one of whom you’ll find:

luxury chests

At Fontaine, there are 18 elegant chests that contain the most primogems and are among the rarest. You are going to collect such treasures from them.

Precious Chests

Hydro Zone contains 40 precious chests, usually unlocked by solving certain puzzles or defeating powerful opponents. Two treasures were accumulated.

rich chests

There are 101 rich chests that can be found across Fontaine. The most common type of treasure includes:

Regular chests

In Fontaine you can collect 33 normal chests. Some simple treasures are hidden.

hidden chests

There are no hidden Fontaine chests on the map – here’s what she’s saying.

We hope our article helped you find all the legs in Fontaine in Genshin Impact. Read the accompanying Genshin Impact guide in the section.

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