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Most gamers allow their kids to play videogames

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Astrum Entertainment conducted a very interesting study among gamers who already have their own children, and in total nearly 6000 people participated in this study.

As part of this study, the developers could be able to make a decision that a third of parents play games with their children, and that the vast majority of them allow their children to play independently.

And even more interestingly, more than half of the respondents believe that video games are useful for children and they aren’t at all against them connecting their lives to the entertainment industry. And, of course, it is a logical conclusion. A long time ago scientists showed that video games can be used by children to make different experiences and to make a difference.

It is worth noting that the 75% of parents who were surveyed completely calmly let their children play video games at any time, and a third of parents don’t limit their children into this kind of leisure, and 38% allow them to only play after school and various compulsory activities. Only 12% of parents allow children to play only a game during holidays.

Interestingly, 42 % of all parents believe that video games are beneficial for children, and 39 % of adult gamer parents are not against their children connecting their life to the videogame industry to become a programmer, a developer or an artist, or something like that. It is extremely interesting to think ten years ago the situation was totally different.

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