Most talented Call of Duty players from 2022 will be the greatest player to date


There’s no shortage of talented players in the Call of Duty League, but the 2022 Vanguard season highlighted some of the best and most brilliant talents of the CDL. From the players who brought it together to the start of the season to the early managers, there were many notable moments from the year.

As the year for Modern Warfare is over in 2022, the best time is to reflect on some of the players who made the best for Vanguard. These same players will watch them for the new season to see whether they can replicate the success they’ve had in the previous title. Here are some of the best caller players from 2022.


The Los Angeles thieves star was the talk of the Call of Duty scene since his era as a TV host. Since then, Kenny has had memorable and honorary performances, but no doubt one of his best years to date was in 2022 on Vanguard. Kenny has not only won his first championship ring but won the award back-to-back MVP for his teams at the stage 4 race he was playing and the champions was a slugger.

Vanguard wasn’t always bright for Kenny, as he fought to get along with others early so that he could change his role a few times before making the right decisions. At last, Kenny grabbed a coveted double alum for his team and earned a deserved MVP award for the season.

McArthur Cellium Jovel.

While the Georgia FaZe failed to win a single event during Vanguard, Cellium continued to play for the team the same way as he was since joining the team back in 2020, espoecding his performance so much in Vanguard. He had the highest KD at the end of the year with a 1,24 and a hard point of 1,27.

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Call of Duty League (@CODLeague) 10 ft.

FaZe finished second during the tenth of the Vanguard event, and earned total money, but it didn’t cause the lack of talent. Cellium was the best assault rifler in Vanguard in the season and showcased his continuous top-tier performances even when his team was losing.

Dieter Zulbeari Amer Pred Zulbeari.

Pred, who was the first to win a CDL team, was the first to make his way onto a highly successful team. Seattle Surge was a top-tier team on Vanguard, and even won the Toronto Major in the middle of the year, an achievement for the organization. Most of that came off the back of Preds impressive performances and his ability to carry his team, no matter how the situation is.

Don’t chall @Pred_RNG on Tuscany #DrownThemOut | #CDLChamps

Call of Duty League (@CODLeague) August 6, 2022

Just like Cellium, Pred made it into the top five most popular DKs at the end of the season at Number 4. He scored an overall $1,10 mlk which was one of the main reasons for his achievement, and earned the rookie of the year award to finish Vanguard.

Brandon Dashy Otell, Brandon.

OpTic Texas had highs and lows during Vanguard, too. The superteam started winning the Stage One Major in their hometown. Afterwards, however, OpTic remained consistently in the middle of the season and sounded to replicate their success to the end of the year. Even though diehy had only one tournament win all year long, he proved he is still one of the best assault rifles in the league.

BRUCE FRUCE[email protected] | #BrickByBrick | #CDL2022

Call of Duty League (@CODLeague) May 6, 2022

Dashy finished the season right behind Cellium with an average KD of 1,20. Even when OpTic was losing, his teammates always counted on him to win his own gunfights and help alleviate pressure on the map.


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