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Mr. Beast breaks YouTube’s record by 3,2 million subscribers in 2022

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Mr.Beast couldn’t let the year end without another big achievement by becoming the fastest-growing YouTube channel of the year.


Jimmy Donaldson, famously known as Mr.Beast, recently broke the 100 million YouTube subscribers benchmark over the last month. His self-financed videos and the expansion of his projects to Epic Games, have become a big part of his popularity.

According to the Twitter account of YT Battles, a YouTube analytics community with nearly 300,000 subscribers, MrBeasts has registered the largest subscriber count over a week for the year. With 3.188.959 new subscribers going from December 12 to 18 in the 50th week of the year, Mr.Beast posted this year’s fastest-growing YouTube channel. This is impressive on its own, until you remember he’s already top.

Do you have any idea how much time is it? Crazy lol

Mr.Beast (@Mr.Beast) December 20, 2022

His popularity only has been explained through his content.

Instead of hoarding money his viewers and subscribers brought him, he has invested most of his money back in content production. Mr.Beast did that all this year from renting football stadiums and theme parks to purchasing a private island and recreating the popular Netflix original series Squid Game.

We’d like to find out what Mr. Boeast could do next year for his fans.


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